1st January 2021

These posts were originally posted on the YNAB forums and MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order, and because the YNAB forums are closing as of March 2022. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

2020 in Review! 
I made this graph, going back to Jan 2019. I keep hoping I’ll dig up the numbers to go back further but it would take a lot of detective work. I started YNAB in October 2019 so that’s when I got a reliable Net Worth figure every month.

I decided to go into YNAB and look at the breakdowns of what I spent this year

The top three categories are Monthly Spends, Weekly Spends, and Yearly Spends.
For Monthly Spends:

Well the only reason this is so high up on the list is because of rent, so this is honestly not particularly surprising. If there wasn’t rent this would be much lower on the list.
Then there’s Weekly Spends:

Again, no surprise in the biggest category here. Food is important! Honestly I’m surprised I spent so “much” on Social Spends considering the year we’ve had.
And finally, the Yearly Spends:

Education, Therapy, Moving House, Whiskey, Electronics and Christmas.


And then, finally, my goals for 2021:

Ironically I actually completed one goal already. I just thought it would be funny if I completed a resolution on 01/01/2021 so I managed to push myself and barely barely barely did a 5K in 30 minutes. I think I overexerted myself to be honest I spent the rest of the day worn out. 
The R02 and R03 goal refer to modules of my FA Diploma. The Nonbinaries thing is a local group, I just obscured the place name. I started it myself in Spring 2020 but it sort of failed to get off the ground in 2020 for obvious reasons. Hopefully next… summer? … I can relaunch it.
In regards to “Jumper” I mean the crochet I do 🙂  I just want to make myself one
But this is a finance forum so those are the goals you are most interested in. The Emergency Fund I should hit on schedule, as long as I keep dong what I’m doing. The One Month Ahead goal is going to be a harder challenge and I’m not sure I can hit that but I can try. It would help if I could stop thinking of new things to save up for. 

My categories moving forward have not changed that much compared to last month, so I wont post an update to them just yet, maybe in a day or two when I’m less tired. 

If I had one regret it would be… not getting a haircut this past week as now we’re in Tier 4 and the hairdressers are shut and I will look like a yeti  😦


In response to someone suggesting I get my own clippers and try do my own hair

Well it’s only shaved on the sides, its longer on top
Early in 2020 I tried to do my own hair. It was bad. And I’m in a customer facing role   😛  so I shouldn’t really again haha

In response to someone asking where I made the graphs

The line graph was done in Excel (or an Excel parody) the pie graphs were doing using YNAB toolkit

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