Life After Debt

5th February 2023

Sorry for the slow down in updates, one of my 2023 goals is to have another stab at this novel I’ve been trying to write for about 15 years. My housemate is still having issues with their benefits. They haven’t been paid properly since about November, and we’re doing okay for now but this is…

10th January 2022

Sorry for the gap in posting, Christmas has been a lot haha My POTS has been getting a bit worse, I’ve been falling down more, and I use all my energy being coherent at work. By the evening when its time to write blog posts, I’m struggling to string words together. Which doesn’t bode well…

19th December 2022

Been a minute since I posted. Christmas time gets busy fast! The thing that made me remember to post on here is that I…. found £1,600.