The Current Situation

A more detailed breakdown of my current financial standing

When I refer to my “Net Worth” in a post, I’m usually referring solely to my Banking Net Worth. I view my Investment Net Worth as comparatively inaccessible, as theres no card I can take out and spend from, so I dont regard it as usable or relevant to my day-to-day budgeting.

This next bit I should have posted yesterday, but all the figures are for yesterday

On 31st May 2022:

My Bank Accounts Net Worth is £12,805.02

£1,477.96 is in my “Next Month Income” category

£2,215.13 is my H2B ISA (House deposit, though I’ve got a secondary category I’m trying to save a little more for the house deposit in by the end of the year)

£1000 is in my “Next Move” category

£950 is in my “Gym” category, waiting to see is I can get any help with that and move this money elsewhere

£810 is in my “Next Laptop” category

£657.01 is in my “Next Phone” category

£500 is in my “Canal Boat” category

And then the rest is in smaller categories

Banking Net Worth May 2022

My Investing & Pension Net Worth is £12,720.11

£12,232.20 of that is in my work pension, to which I am currently contributing 8% and my employer is contributing 12.5%

£382.68 is in my bank’s Investment service, I put £25 a month in there and some fund managers do hopefully smart things with it. It’s telling me that over time my investment through them has gone down in value by £1.63

£75.68 is in my Freetrade Account, where I like to pretend I know how to day trade. I dont contribute to this on a regular schedule, but so far I’ve put £71 in it so technically I’m making a profit.

£11.82 is in my Paypal Crypto account, where I like to pretend I know how Bitcoin works. I dont contribute to this on a regular schedule, but so far I’ve put £15 in so I am making a loss at this point.

£20.08 is in a Crowdcube account. This doesn’t seem to change in value so I think it was more of a GoFundMe rather than an Investment.

I haven’t been tracking data long to do much of a graph for Investment Net Worth, but here we are

Investment Net Worth May 2022