16th July 2020

These posts were originally posted on the MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

Payday! Actually a couple of days earlier then I expected. My contracted payday is the 19th, which is a Sunday this month, so I was expecting to get paid Friday – but they do have a habit of paying a couple of days early.
My budget is in a weird place right now – I have a plan for post-lockdown and for during-lockdown but we’re in a sort of weird half place right now that’s really hard to account for. In another month I’ll have to adjust all my goals.
Spending and Bills
I’ve put extra money into my clothes category – about £35 total – because a few things have worn out at once. Jeans, jogging bottoms, and work shoes being the priority. Hopefully I can get all 3 for close to £35 at Primark. 
I’ve put £50.50 into the long-neglected Social Spends category (I don’t know where the 50p came from, it just got left behind as I moved money about). That’s still not what I used to put into it but so many things are cancelled. I do, however, have my first restaurant date with someone I’ve been video dating a few months so thats exciting! I haven’t put anything into the RPG Night category as the DM has indicated it wont be starting anytime soon.
Hobbies didn’t get any money this month but I don’t plan to buy anything. I did put a random amount into Takeout – £18.96 – it was the last category I budgeted so it got the odds and sods.
I haven’t been able to put anything into “Charity” yet this month, but hopefully by the 1st when some regular transactions have processed I’ll be able to figure out what I’ve got spare. 
I created a new “medical” category recently, but after a few weeks I’m starting to think I might not need it. I thought I would be buying several prescriptions each month but I’m not going through them as fast as I anticipated. 
Obviously my Tram card category needs to keep money in it, I don’t know how often I’ll have to get public transport. I’ve left enough in there for a season ticket if I need it, but I’m hoping to walk 1/3 to 1/2 of the time and I’ll save money. 
I’m going to try keep some money aside to keep paying a little extra bills but we’ll see how it goes as normality resumes.
It’s the last month of my phone contract so after this month I’ll be putting aside the money I usually send to 02 into a “New Phone” category. 
Savings Pots
I wont go through every savings category, just the ones with something to say.
I’ve created an extra savings category called “One Last Brexit Shop” as my stockpile got a little depleted during the initial stages of lockdown. I’ve set a goal of £50 by December. This technically brings my monthly spending to over the amount I get in salary but not every category hit absolute zero before I get paid again so I can usually scrape together the £8.34 the category wants. It started this month so it’s only up to £8.34. I must admit I feel a lot less embarrassed about my Brexit stockpile after how Britain handled things like loo roll and pasta in early March. 
I’ve got a category saving up for a program called “Scrivener” for writing. At one point in lockdown I started writing again and I’ve been wanting to buy this program to help. But I’ve already dropped the habit again, so I don’t know if to keep saving. I’m up to £40 out of £50 needed.
My Debt Free Whiskey is up to £70! I need to buy that Debt Free Whiskey in the next few days – in fact it’s probably my next task after this, see if I can get it online, or arranging a click and collect. 
My FA Diploma fund is up to £200, about enough to pay for one exam, if I can just kick the old Mental Health into gear.
The rest of the categories are all on track to meet their targets at their wanted dates.
There isn’t much to say on all of this today, its all just about trying to figure out what is needed where – and then most likely getting it wrong, because who knows with 2020. 

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