20th May 2020

These posts were originally posted on the MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

So I was working through my budget spreadsheet and saw some happy numbers today

Regarding my Dad’s birthday flight – I promised my siblings that I’d have £225 by August, but I was intending to save about £275-£325 (hadn’t decided exactly) in case of last minute charges or even just to gift as spending money, as the original plan was to book the holiday for approximately his next birthday (although obviously all plans uncertain now) 

Regarding my Divorce fund – I wanted to have £1000 by Feb ’21, but I was falling a bit behind and was looking more at having it by March or April. I’ve been contributing £55 every month when I could have done with contributing £60 or £65, and every month the amount I was behind got a little higher

When I went over my spreadsheet today I realised I’ve hit my £225 goal for the holiday in the payday just gone 

I hadn’t told my siblings about intending to save a little extra just in case, so at this point I’ve saved enough to fulfil my promises 

I was saving £25 each month for the holiday so I’ve decided to drop that to £10 (so I’m still saving a little for any unexpected) and put that extra £15 per month into the Divorce fund 

Which puts me right back on track to meet my goal by February 

It just made me really happy to feel back on track with that, and it was also kind of a lesson in how putting aside a little is better than putting aside nothing – if I hadn’t been contributing £55 each month until now I would have needed more than £15pm to get me back on track 

These new figures dont kick in until June payday 


In slightly more disheartening news my Fitbit screen is increasingly erratic, but as long as the actual tracking part hangs in there I’ll hang onto the device as long as I can 

From the Fitbit website I’ll need somewhere between £60 and £130 depending on model, and unfortunately I am more inclined to the more expensive one 

I’ve decided to hang onto that £100 I was going to put onto my credit card and reserve it for the Fitbit instead. If I use the £100 for the credit card, and then my Fitbit breaks in the next few months, I’d have to buy the Fitbit with my credit card and then I’m right back at square one. Its disappointing not to use the money as intended but it makes more sense this way and I’m still due to pay it off in a few months. 

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