23rd May 2020

These posts were originally posted on the MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

Some good news! I’ve been having this long drawn out battle with a pension company – it’s for a pension scheme I was enrolled in for a previous employer when I still worked for a supermarket. I was trying to combine it into my current pension. I’ve been trying to do this for about 9 months now but Pension Company 1 has been absolutely useless and insists Pension Company 2 (current pension scheme) hasn’t been contacting them, despite Pension Company 2 copying me in on their emails. 
In the end I had to access my inner Karen (if you recognise the meme) and filed a complaint, using all the trigger words and phrases that I know would make my own work sit up and listen. And it was solved within a week. 
They’re also sending me £100 for my trouble. 
Which is actually about 1/2 of what Pension Fund 1 was worth, I really didnt earn much when I worked for that supermarket, but Pension Company 1 just !!!!!! me off at this point. I didnt want loads of little pensions here there and everywhere so I wanted to combine the two pensions I had. 
So that £100 I saved for the credit card, then had to reserve for the FitBit… looks like I can still put £100 on the credit card! Might be next month instead of this month though, based on postage times. 
My work has announced a one off payment to colleagues because Corona but I’m not sure if I qualify. I dont know if I’m allowed to copy and paste from the email but they say it’s for people who are interacting with customers daily, either in branch or from home – and I haven’t been able to get my laptop working so I haven’t been able to talk to customers. There are some other criteria but its mostly about when you were employed by them. Watch this space I guess.

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