18th February 2021

These posts were originally posted on the YNAB forums and MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order, and because the YNAB forums are closing as of March 2022. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

Payday! Budgeting day! 

I think I’ve overbudgeted for groceries slightly but I’m leaving it as is for now. I haven’t budgeted for this months takeout anyway so I’ll probably WAM from there when I get one. The grocery delivery that’s coming tomorrow popped up in my account already, so I added it to YNAB with my salary, then covered the overspending, THEN started budgeting my pay check and filled the category to the brim. So I think that category has £40 too much in.


So anyway here are where my savings are at:

Emergency Savings £2,415.00 – Initial Goal £3000 then I work on budgeting a month ahead, currently contributing £115 per month

Next Move £200.00 – Initial Goal £1000 then I work on E-Fund and budgeting a month ahead, this month I contributed £50 but as I just filled out my Therapy Goal next month I can contribute £150

H2B ISA £859.20 – Currently contributing £25 per month

Therapy £200.00 – Goal Reached

Christmas Gifts Family £39.91 – Currently contributing £12.50 per month

Christmas Gifts Friends £15.00 – Currently contributing £5 per month

Christmas Misc £22.50 – Currently contributing £7.50 per month

Divorce £1,000.00 – Goal Reached, ex initially contacted but he said he needed more time to save up

YNAB £43.44 – Goal £90 by October 31st, on track

Dad’s Birthday £305.00 – Ok I honestly don’t know what’s going on with this, we all agreed to pay for a holiday for Dad for his birthday but then the world collapsed. I’m just adding £5 per month to this category to buffer any price changes when things start moving again. I originally agreed to £225 by August 2020

Pride Savings £120.78 – For, you know, if and when. This was the money for Pride 2020 that didn’t get used. £120 was about what I was aiming for by Pride month. Currently putting in £5 per month to keep the category ticking over, after I next go to Pride (which…. I don’t think will be this year, unfortunately) I need to up the contributions to £10 per month.

New Laptop £360.00 – Currently contributing £30 per month

New Phone £217.00 – Currently contributing £31 per month, and my phone is holding up surprisingly well so I’m not feeling the urge to upgrade yet

Subscription £10.87 – Goal £50 by December 31st, on track

Financial Advisor Diploma £402.89  – Currently contributing £30 per month, £35 would be better but here we are

New Year Whiskey £28.48 – Goal £90 by November 31st, on track

Fitbit £45.01 – Goal £130 by July 2022, on track, review prices in 06/2021 and 01/2022 to make sure goal is reasonable

Microsoft Office £60.00 – I still haven’t pulled the trigger and bought this, the other month I had to WAM from this category, it’s just not a priority

Name Update Documents £51.58 – Currently contributing £10 per month, I have enough money to ask to reissue my degree certificate, it just looks complicated, and their website said they wont do it for a deed poll, but they will do it for gender reasons, and I do have gender reasons, but all I have is a deed poll, but I don’t think they’re allowed to ask for a GRC? And also nonbinary people cant get GRCs? So yeah I’ll deal with that admin at some point

Tattoo £40.00 – This month I contributed £10, but I’ve decided to switch goals with the Sims category. From next month I’ll be contributing £5. My next tattoo idea is fairly simplistic (i.e. likely cheap) and I don’t feel tattoos are a priority in a pandemic

Sims £15.00 – This month I contributed £5, but I’ve decided to switch goals with the Tattoo category. From next month I’ll be contributing £10. In March I’m hoping to combine this with “Birthday Of The Month” to buy myself a new Sims Pack.

Period Panties £10.00 – There’s no set goal on this, I’m just trying to find spare change as and when. Individual items are £28 each and there’s no bundle packs of the ones I like the look of. 

Miscellaneous/Temporary Savings £50.00 – An idea for mum’s birthday that’ll cost more than the standard £25 and hotel chocolate Easter eggs. I made categories so I don’t accidentally spend this money, but I’ll be deleting these categories in April so they’re barely worth talking about. 


I’ve got my birthday coming up in March. Fingers crossed my family actually remember this year. Personally I’m planning on buying myself a new Sims expansion pack (I’m thinking… Get Famous?) and a birthday box set from the fancy tea place. I have £15 in the Sims category and £25 in Birthday of the Month, but because the Sims is a digital download I can literally wait until next payday to get that if I don’t have enough.

Huh. As I was writing this, I went to check what the standard price for it was (£35), and was going to say something like “but they have frequent sales so as long as I keep an eye on the price I can probably buy it before my birthday for cheaper” ….aaaaaaand Get Famous is literally on offer for £18 today… this is why we don’t check prices ahead of time… hmm…I don’t really want to buy myself a birthday present literally an entire month early but I also don’t want to risk this price slipping away… 😬😬😬 Like if I bought it now, for cheaper, there’s a chance I could afford a second pack on my actual birthday… Hgn… decisions, decisions… 

Edit: I bought it. I’m pretty confident I could buy a stuff pack (£10) minimum on my birthday too. Maybe even a Game Pack (£18). 


In response to a customer asking how long Sims packs tend to keep me entertained

Thank you! It’s hard to pin it down exactly because all the packs stack… like I cant solely play Sims4 Get Famous by itself, whilst I do play with that pack I’m also playing with every other Sims4 pack I bought previously… I bought Sims4 in 2014 so it’s been a few years haha

The main features of this pack will be shiny and new for a month or two, but even after that I’ll continue to use elements of this pack until they release Sims5 I guess

In response to commenters saying it’d be nice to have a distraction from the current state of the world and that an early birthday present is always nice

Yup! Especially when I’m technically not allowed to go outside for a few days more…

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