9th & 10th & 12th August 2020

These posts were originally posted on the YNAB forums and MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order, and because the YNAB forums are closing as of March 2022. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

9th August 2020

A yarn I’m running low on for the temp blanket just came back into stock so I spent my haircut money for this month on yarn 😬😬 I’ll just have to last until payday (…which is admittedly only 10 days away)

10th August 2020

I did manage to get that exam booked for the end of August, so it’s time to really buckle down on the studying 😬😬😬 £153 for one exam! And that’s the cheapest option because I’m mooching textbooks off a friend.
(Their textbooks only cover the 2019/20 syllabus though, not the 2020/21 syllabus, which is why I need to sit the exam before the syllabus changes or pay for an updated book)

In response to a commenter saying my nan would be proud that I didnt need to use the inheritance to pay off debt, that I got debt free first

Yes! Its still a little surreal. When I first learnt about the inheritance there was a small part of me that was disappointed I would have to use it to get out of debt – it did feel a bit like a waste, even though logically I knew it was the smart thing to do and would help a lot. But due to the delay I got out  debt even w/o the inheritance! I’m glad I can spend it on education instead, both career education and hobby/skill education.

12th August 2020

I think I might need to buy Microsoft Office 
I think I’ll just have to bite the bullet and do it, I’ve been trying to use OpenOffice for years and its reaching it limit

The thing is finding room for it in the budget. I’ll have to firstly decrease how much I’m setting aside for “medical” each month – but I’m not going through all my meds as fast as I though I might, so hopefully thats ok, and secondly use the money I was saving up for Scrivener, the writing program. I haven’t been doing any writing since I went back to work.

The annual subscription fee is £60, I have £40 set aside for Scrivener, when it hits £60 I think I just have to do it.

This triggered a thread discussing the merits of LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office

I wanted to be able to make Word documents for CV purposes… I’m not actively looking as I’m lucky enough not to be at risk right now but one particular job stood out to me. Unfortunately they were picky about candidates having a 2:1 degree and I “only” have a 2:2, sigh…  Its not the year to be looking if you dont need to, anyway

So it’s less urgent than it was a few days ago as I dont need to do the whole job application/recruitment process just yet

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