18th June 2022

I got refund a for that shopping trolley. Hopefully next month I can buy one myself, although I am also seeing the occupational therapy team next week so maybe they can help me first. Actually the Etsy shop was very accommodating, and I felt a little bad review the item negatively. I did try mention how helpful they were in the review… but at the end of the day, the trolley literally broke on its first use.


Bad news: The dog food has run out faster than anticipated. I can’t maths.

Good news: The food was on offer, so I had enough for the dog food anyway. And also was still able to get another toy (snuffle mat) for him! He loves it so much, it’s kind of difficult to get him off it once it’s done haha, it really plays into behaviour he already had.

Bad(?) news: I accidentally discovered pet first aid kits were a thing and panicked that I didn’t have one, so I ended up overspending at pets at home anyway.

Mediocre news: It’s halfway through the month, I feel comfortable rolling with the punches at this point than earlier in the month, theres less time for potential surprises by now

…..Good news: I will shortly have a pet first aid kit for the next time I come home to the dog bleeding


I really, really, want to buy that new sims pack. I technically have enough money but I just need to see how glitchy it is first. But they all look so cool! And, yes, yes, they kind of look like furries, but tbh they match the art style of the sims 4. Its hard to imagine a different type of werewolf that still matches the sims 4 art style.

2 thoughts on “18th June 2022

  1. Aww, that snuffle mat is adorable and, while I do understand the need to stick to a budget, I don’t personally think it’s a bad thing to be prepared with a first aid kit. We have three cats and they seem to find one way or another to injure themselves or each other on a weekly basis. I swear they get into more trouble than our son!

    I’m not seeing any major glitches with Werewolves. It’s worlds better than that Weddings mess. I think my main issues have been more with my mods than with the game itself. I would say that unless werewolves are really your thing, it’s probably better to wait for a sale… though I am personally awful about waiting so I understand giving in to the excitement. I was really fortunate that my birthday is coming soon and my mom wanted to buy it for me.

    Also, I completely agree about the look of the werewolves. I thought they are way better than previous Sims versions and suit the cartoonish style of Sims 4. I got downvoted to oblivion for saying it on social media, but I stand by it!

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    1. They’re definitely better than sims 3! I think once you account for art style differences, they’re not all that different from sims 2 werewolves.

      I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting it soon, within the next fortnight maybe, just give them enough time to discover & resolve the big glitches, and I need to plan which household is going to be doing the werewolf plotline haha


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