8th June 2022

Sims 4 werewolves have been announced! I’m really excited for them.

I do technically have enough for the pack, but I’m wary of another wedding stories disaster so I might let other people play test the pack for me first…

I’m worried that the pack will be essentially non-functional upon release due to massive amounts of bugs


I finally signed up for gym and have been swimming once. It was kind of bittersweet because I used to be really good at swimming, but now I’m… not.

I’ve only been swimming once (now twice) in a decade since trans body image issues kicked in. I also just dont have the stamina in general that I used to. I wanted to stay in the water for longer than half an hour, but I was getting too tired to swim by the end so I ended up doing walking laps on the pool which I saw someone else suggest in an EDS group.

I think because I’ve been told that swimming is an easier exercise, I may have conflated easier and easy in my head, and didnt into account the “exercise” part. It did take me months to work up to jogging for half an hour. I just way overdid it and was kind of reduced to mush for the rest of the day.

I was also having trouble holding my breath underwater for some reason. I just kept panicking slightly any time I ducked underwater, which I havent done since I was very small. I’ve bought sold swimming goggles, in case chlorine is the issue, and some dive sticks to practice with.


I did buy that Etsy shopping trolley in the end, its arrived. Its smaller and flimiser than ideal – but it was £7 to be fair – but it should be a good practice one whilst I save up for the good one.


I’m making progress on the PIP application, my partner is helping me review the answers to each question and has sent me away with a whole bundle of notes and things to talk out. I did buy a guide from a website that seems/seemed useful, but it didn’t tell me until after I bought it that the guide is 108 pages long! So I havent quite been able to tackle that just yet.

2 thoughts on “8th June 2022

  1. I’ll be one of those silly people testing out Werewolves on day one… I preordered like a moron. I have a problem. 😏😜

    I understand the swimming thing, but with biking. I recently got my bike back in working order after going many years with it sitting in the corner of the garage. I used to bike everywhere but when we moved to our current house it was too far away from anything to bike there conveniently and I stopped biking as often. Since getting the bike working again, the furthest I’ve gotten is the other end of the garage. I hate being so unsteady with something I used to do so well.

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