28th May 2022

The other day I was telling my therapist about stuff I was struggling with, in regards to the PIP application

And I guess I hadnt talked too much to him about that before because he was just looking more and more concerned the more I talked

And then I was talking to a friend who’s gone through the PIP process before and after we’d been talking a little he told me I “definitely qualify” but at that point I’d only told him a third of the things I’m struggling with

So those sure are some emotions. Its quite possible that I’ve been struggling more than I’ve given myself credit for


I’ve read that apparently It can take up to 6 months from when you first contact the DWP to when you get your first PIP payment

I’m just going to have to go ahead and buy a monthly bus pass from now on. I dont have the energy to constantly be doing calculations on whether it’s most efficient to buy a single or a day ticket


I took the money for the phone power bank from my “new phone” category, so my phone will just have to hang 1 month longer than originally planned – but I’m not concerned about that. Worse case scenario I end up on another contract if my phone cant live that long.


In regards to this Crypto crash – I guess I’m technically affected by it, as my Bitcoin has fallen to £8.95 from an investment of £15

If anything, I think may be a good time to buy in? I dont think it’s going anywhere, I think it’ll recover eventually… but right now my focus is on EDS and PIP, I dont have the brainspace/funds for anything else

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