22nd May 2022

So I’ve booked an appointment with a private doctor on Monday 4th July, and here’s what I wanted to do:

Travel down on Sunday, stay overnight in Travelodge or whatever, appointment on Monday, travel back on Monday evening. Unfortunately both those train tickets are very expensive for some reason.

By comparison:

A same day return is £110

Or if I travel down on Monday, do the appointment, stay overnight somewhere, then travel back on Tuesday, the train tickets are £20-£30 each. Accommodation prices very, I’ve used £80 as an estimate which seems about middle of the road.

I really didnt want to travel down the same day as the appointment, I’ll be wiped, but I think I’m going to have to at those prices

I have decided to buy a phone power bank to keep my phone running on the journey though, and I am buying a train discount card.

I don’t have much to say on finances this week, I’m just low on energy and focusing on this PIP stuff. My partner has been through the process before and has suggested I keep track of all my symptoms and struggles each day to show how I need help. You know those positive thinking exercises where you sit down and write three good things that happened each day? It’s essentially the opposite of that. It’s pretty depressing.

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