18th May 2022

My salary and payslip finally came in – the overtime came out to about £116 pre-tax, and my salary was about £70 post tax more than last month. It’s been hard to figure out an average salary this year, each month has been so different.


I’m upset about having to apply for PIP. I was just hoping to avoid that application process, I’ve seen people go through it, it’s a shit process. And theres a good chance I’m going to have to confront and write down all the things I’m struggling with, only to get denied.

Instead of “batch cook meals” I am “eating frozen meals due to an inability to cook”, and I’ve got to write about my selective mutism/autistic shutdowns. And all I wanted was a damn bus pass. I just need to get the appointment stuff sorted with work, then I’ll start downloading forms and whatnot.

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