17th May 2022

A thought occurred to me, after the main celebrations were over, that if I take my remaining divorce fund and add it to this mystery credit (assuming I get confirmation that it is what I think it is, and I can keep it)… then that might be enough for a private EDS referral/diagnosis. I have £467, the person I know who previously went private spent £300, but there’s also train tickets and hotel.

However that means I cant use any of it for topping up slightly underfunded yearly goals. Decisions decisions. my initial thought was to wait until June to decide, see how I can tackle my yearly goals next budgeting day, see how I feel.

Unfortunately this morning I spoke to the NHS Social Prescribing team re bus pass etc, and all the mobility passes etc all hinge on a successful PIP (benefits) application. It’s kind of a Gateway benefit, once I have that, I automatically qualify for a whole bunch else.

She was saying I could try apply for PIP without a formal diagnosis, but… we all know the government. Time to look into private diagnosis I guess! So I’ve booked something in for July, I may have to move the exact date because of work. And, yeah, I was quoted £300 for the consultation.

Google maps says it’s a 3 hour train journey, but it’ll probably still be a 3 day journey for me, I’ll need to go down the night before or I’ll be too exhausted to talk to the Dr on the day. I can come back the same day after the appt but I’ll be dead the day after.

Luckily, the mystery credit was confirmed to be mine. Apparently they emailed me last November and told me I had 6 months to exchange it for shares, or they’d just give me the cash, but every email they’ve sent me this week ended up in spam so I assume that also happened in November.

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