14th May 2022

I was hoping my pay slip would be generated this week so I could see how much overtime works out to be, but I guess it’ll be generated next week. That’s why this was a quiet week from me, I was hoping to write about that.


I have, however, had a mysterious credit into my bank account – not that I’m complaining, but I feel I should probably check it was genuine, which means I now have to spend time chasing people down :/

The reference had my name on it, so I can at least be reasonably certain it was intended for me.

The amount would roughly line up with a Sharesave plan maturity (£180 – £5pm x 3 years), except I’ve no correspondence telling me a plan is about to mature. I believe I’m meant to be asked if I want cash or shares? I’ve recieved other correspondence from my Sharesave scheme, some within the past 2 months. So they know where I am.

It shows as coming from [X] agencies, I have no [X] Building Society products other than Sharesave.

I also believe (though I may be wrong) that it is the wrong time of year for Sharesave plans to mature.

How weird

I messaged HR, which just gave me the email address for the Sharesave scheme, so that’ll probably be next week too before I find out.

Do other countries have Sharesave schemes? It’s a voluntary saving scheme, when you sign up they lock in a share price, with an employee discount, on the day you sign up to the scheme. You pick how much and for how long you save, I remember picking £5pm for 3 years, and it comes out of your wage pre-tax. When the savings come to the end of the timeframe you chose, you get to buy shares at the share price that got locked in when you signed up, which obviously you’re hoping is now a good deal, or you can just take the cash back. I’m assuming other countries have similar schemes under other names.

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