8th May 2022

The Decree Absolute came through on the 5th (Thursday) so I guess “applying for it” was more of “press the ‘generate document’ button”.

Obviously it’s a good thing, there’s no disputing that. If I never saw that man again I’d die happy.

But it’s also such a big thing that my brain just wanted to run away from it for a few days.

But also it’s not a big thing because he’s not been in my life for a while.

I’m scheduling in a celebratory take out night with my partner, and the wedding ring cleansing ritual. I’ve also bought a bottle of Glen Scotia Victoriana to celebrate. That’s my favourite of the whiskeys I’ve tried since buying myself the new year whiskies.


I have £407 (£327 now after the whiskey) left in my Divorce category. After the take out stuff is done, I was hoping to use it to top up yearly goals (was hoping to use it to do crypto, but it looks unlikely), but I think may have to top up groceries a little this month – I spent badly this week and have over half my groceries money spent already.

Part of the issue is that every month I’ve been trying to refill my therapy category for the next month, about £112-£140 per month. Once I’ve finished therapy I can take 2-3 months to get category back to 100%, instead of trying to get it back to 100% in one month. But from June I need to bite the bullet and increase the groceries category to £180.


Part of the budgeting review, I been reviewing my Bus card calculations on spreadsheet. A monthly ticket is £60, if I buy daily tickets when only walking 1/3 of time it costs £58, but if I’m only walking 1/4 of the time it cost £66…. but I’d have to commit to a £60 expenditure… In April I spent £56 on public transport…

I have an appointment later this month to follow up on whether or not I’d be eligible for the mobility pass, but if not, I might need to seriously consider buying a bus pass myself. Its really frustrating struggling with my newfound lack of mobility and agility, but its equally frustrating trying to balance every bus ticket against my budget and whether it would be “worth it” to buy a ticket, whether I’d get the most use out of it.


Today I was cooking my meal for next week. I’m going to try empty out some of the freezer, so I only needed to cook one batch meal, but ironically this led to me spending more as I kept going “oh well since I’m only cooking one meal I can afford to buy…” Rookie mistake. I also decided to support local businesses and went to an independent vegan deli instead of the deli aisle at Tescos. Why does it feel like so many purchases have a morality tax? Anyway.

I’ve made a lentil and tomato soup. I didn’t have a specific recipe, it’s kinda freestyle, but I know how to make lentil Dahl, and I know how to make tomato soup, so I figured it out lol. It’s a bit thicker than I envisioned, more like a sauce, but it tastes pretty good.

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