1st May 2022

Budgeting day! Unfortunately this one is not as fun as usual, as I simply do not have enough money to cover everything this month, I’m not sure why. Well, I’m pretty sure its the therapy. But still.

At this point in time, these are the categories that are underfunded:
– Household, by £10
– Hobbies, by £10
– Birthday of the Month, by £10 (but I’m pretty sure I don’t have any birthdays coming up)
– Travel Rucksack, by £6.33
– Extra House Deposit, by £11.21 (this category is in addition to my usual monthly savings for house deposit, my usual amount is fulfilled)
– Works Night Out, by £5 (no upcoming events planned though)
– Sims, by £7.76
– Subscription, by £3.37 (its an annual goal)
– Pride, by £4.21 (the category is currently at £111.59 of its £120 goal though)
– Future Baby, by £25 (no current plans, just planning ahead)
– Vacation, by £25 (no current plans, just planning ahead)

And these categories are just not funded at all:
– Bird & Blend Tea (but I skipped this month’s subscription on their site because I have too much tea at home anyway)
– Charity
– Clothes
– Easter Eggs 2022 (I havent actually started contributing to this one yet)

I also completely emptied out the Dr Marten category and put it back to zero, and I have no funds for any of the start of month discretionary spending I usually spend on mini goals like a Redbubble notebook or whatever

I’ve got a follow up appointment in a few weeks with that Social Prescribing team who said they’d look into a bus pass for me, hopefully that will work out and that’s currently £60 pm of my budget


This next bit I should have posted yesterday, but all the figures are for yesterday

On 30th April 2022:

My Bank Accounts Net Worth Is £12,371.95

£1,406.51 is in my “Next Month Income” category

£2,015.13 is my H2B ISA (House deposit, though I’ve got a secondary category I’m trying to save a little more for the house deposit in by the end of the year)

£1000 is in my “Next Move” category

£950 is in my “Gym” category, waiting to see is I can get any help with that and move this money elsewhere

£780 is in my “Next Laptop” category

£651 is in my “Next Phone” category

£500 is in my “Canal Boat” category

And then the rest is in smaller categories

Banking Net Worth April 2022

My Investing & Pension Net Worth is £12,577.37

£12,109.44 of that is in my work pension, to which I am currently (that is, from my March Paycheque) contributing 8% and my employer is contributing 12.5%

£356.69 is in my bank’s Investment service, I put £25 a month in there and some fund managers do hopefully smart things with it. It’s telling me that over time my investment through them has gone up in value by £3.61

£79.34 is in my Freetrade Account, where I like to pretend I know how to day trade. I dont contribute to this on a regular schedule, but so far I’ve put £71 in it so technically I’m making a profit.

£11.82 is in my Paypal Crypto account, where I like to pretend I know how Bitcoin works. I dont contribute to this on a regular schedule, but so far I’ve put £15 in so I am making a loss at this point.

£20.08 is in a Crowdcube account. This doesn’t seem to change in value so I think it was more of a GoFundMe rather than an Investment.

I haven’t had been tracking data long to do much of a graph for Investment Net Worth, but here we are

Investment Net Worth April 2022


So yeah, that’s a bit of a dampener. But still – there are some good things I hope to happen within May: I will be able to redistribute the leftover Divorce funds, I’ll stop spending money on Therapy, and I’ll get my first paycheck with the overtime money in.

4 thoughts on “1st May 2022

  1. This is awesome! This really inspires me to get some envelopes together (or I guess a Capital One Bank Account in the U.S.) and really start creating savings buckets. I think what always holds me back is that while paying debt it seems like I don’t have a ton to contribute but you demonstrate that consistency and putting a bit a way each month, whatever you have, adds up to something. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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