29th April 2022

Another month where I’m scraping my way into the next month with pennies left in most categories. The only exception being social spends, I’m still waiting on when my partner is well enough to arrange that meet with their friends. Basically a really bad flu has taken them out for a bit.


I downloaded the Mortgage text for that course, the syllabus roll over is in August so I have 4 months to do this. Thats achievable, if the brain gremlins will co operate. It always comes down to the brain gremlins. On the subject of brain gremlins, I think May will be the last month of therapy. It’ll be good to get the money back into my budget.

My aunt is quite keen for me to job search for admin roles at their university, which is tempting, but I feel I need to commit to one course of action for the time being, otherwise I’ll get too distracted. Focus is needed here.


I’ve been having wisdom teeth pain again this week, but it seems to be dialling back at last. I really need to go to the dentist, I haven’t been since pre-pandemic. I did see the dentist about the wisdom teeth previously, they said it was normal for them to hurt whilst they were coming through. I asked when they would stop hurting and they laughed 😦


A few people have suggested various solutions to help with mobility. On the list so far; Hiking stick (for hills), bike to get to work, and specialist shoes. These are all various degrees of expensive. Admittedly the hiking stick could be under £30 actually. But the bike and the shoes could add up, and I’m honestly very sceptical of the bike being good, and I would need to bike on roads, which I’ve never done.


Quite a short update today – there’ll be a bigger update Sunday or Monday on budgeting day 🙂 **happy nerd wriggle**

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