24th April 2022

Currently both of my housemates testing positive for Covid. They seem fine (ish), and I keep testing negative 🤷‍♂️ Like they’re not happy about it, but they have energy to work from home and do laundry, so I guess they’re fine


I had success this weekend in keeping my grocery shop under £30 (as that was all that was left on my budget). I could have WAM-ed it and taken money from another category, but I’m still not sure when I’m going shopping next weekend so best to keep wriggle room.

I made a batch cooking staple duo – spaghetti bolognese and chilli. Its just really easy to make a BIG batch of bolognese, and seperate out 1/3, then add beans and chilli. I also added spring onions to the bolognese-only sauce after separating the dishes. I think I may be slightly intolerant to onions tbh but I’ve already given up dairy, they’re not taking this one from me too.


I won some money on the Euromillions! £4. 4 monies is still money. I immediately spent £2.50 of it on another ticket. Tuesday’s draw is £114 million, so fingers crossed 🤞


The textbook I bought from CII still hasnt become available for download. I’m going to give them until the end of Monday, in case the weekend has delayed it, then email them. Time to get started on it.

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