21st April 2022

There is something that’s been bothering me, and I’ve been looking for the right avenue to vent about it. I dont necessarily want any advice – because I kind of know what the solution (ish) is – I need to talk about it. Anyway I have a blog, and what are those for if not to vent random thoughts?

Some men on the streets around my house have been hassling me. I just give off easy target energies, always have, but they keep catcalling me when I’m walking the dog at night. I don’t really know why me and I dont think it matters. Solutions: walk dog at different hours (challenging, what I need is to walk him before bed), walk dog on different streets (going to try this for a month or two, but I have limited places to go at 8 at night), or… move. Which requires money, as my rent would increase if I moved now.

I know this is a finance blog, but why does it always come back to money??


My work have announced some minor changes… shorter opening hours to the public, yadda yadda, but our work contracts aren’t affected as we’ll be on the phones instead.

As part of this change they have announced a new job role. This is going to be really hard to explain on here, but why let that stop me.

So currently the progression track goes something like OldJob1 -> OldJob2 -> Manager, I am currently on the “OldJob2” portion but none of my managers are going anywhere anytime soon, as far as I know, so there are no vacancies.

The New job track goes NewJob1 -> NewJob2 -> NewJob3 -> NewJob4 -> Manager…. with decent salary jumps for NewJob3 and 4.

OldJob1 and NewJob1, and OldJob2 and NewJob2 are basically equivalent. We can switch over to the NewJob if we choose, without formally applying, no affect on our salary or duties. Completely optional. For the first two years there’s an extra £700 on our yearly bonus, but our base salary is not changed simply from moving to the equivalent NewJob. If we later move up to NewJob 3 or 4, those have quite nice salary bumps.

BUT whereas for OldJob our hours are set at 9-5 Mon-Sat 5 days a week, and there is currently temporary optional overtime available… for NewJob the hours are shifts between 8-6 Mon-Sat. So I might do a 8-4 one day and a 10-6 the next. Also later in the year when they’ve rolled out some new tech there might be some working from home, but not all the time as we would still have to spend a certain amount of time in branch.

(I wouldn’t mind a partly from home arrangement, I’m not sure if I would like fully from home and this seems a good way to test)

Basically, what I’m interested in here is NewJob 3 and 4, I just have to go through NewJob 2 to get to them. And I dont know if NewJob 2 is worth it. If NewJob2 was the only one on the table, I’d say no, because I don’t want to go back to shift work. Though I guess it might be slightly pushing it to call this “shift work” but I’m autistic, I like routine. I feel like there’s not much up front benefit, but the potential for future benefit in a way I don’t have in my current role. Unfortunately there’s a window for opting into NewJob2 and I’m unlikely to get the info I need about NewJob3 and 4 before then.


Also I decided to go ahead and buy that mortgage unit. £205, hopefully it works out to be a good purchase! All budgeted for, but not an easy amount to just hand over as if its nothing. The Module expires in August, so I have 4 months. I bought a bunch of the additional add-on study aids this time so hopefully that will help.

2 thoughts on “21st April 2022

  1. 1. I am sorry about the catcalling…being made uncomfortable in public spaces can be so incredibly frustrating.
    2. “BUT whereas for OldJob our hours are set at 9-5 Mon-Sat 5 days a week”…does that mean you get Sunday plus one other day off?
    3. I feel you on the work from home arrangement. I like being fully remote but working from home all of the time kinda stinks when you only have a single room. I am still trying to figure something out that is permanent…
    4. Yay for the mortgage class. I bought an online course rather impulsively recently and now I’m trying to figure out how to justify its cost. Maybe I’ll adopt your August deadline.

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    1. Yeah, I get Sundays plus one other day off, which varies depending on the rota. I feel like Sherlock would appreciate me working from home more though! But he’s not always the most understanding about phone calls haha


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