17th April 2022

Oops looks like I went a few days without posting, sorry about that.


I realised I also had to buy some dice for this upcoming D&D game. For these I was able to go to the small local independent store, I ordered a rainbow set and lucky dip/random set. Unfortunately they then had to message back and say they had sole out of the rainbow set – but as long as I get the lucky dip set, that’s enough to get me through a few sessions and I can pick another set later.


On Tuesday, I think I had my first positive interaction with a medical professional in years. This was the “social prescribing” team, and they’re going to look into whether I qualify for a mobility bus pass and whether I can get help with the swimming membership costs. It’ll certainly help keep costs down if I’m not paying for bus and/or gym.

I almost never qualify for means tested stuff I’m so less confident on the swimming pool help, but the bus pass sounded more medical based. The big question is if a letter from the physio is enough, or if they require an official EDS diagnosis.
Fingers crossed.

I’ve thought about paying for a private EDS assessment but it’ll be a few hundred quid (plus a journey down to London) so I’m undecided on that currently.


This week I accidentally spent more than I intended on groceries, so that’s going to be challenging for the next couple of weeks. I think once I’ve stopped therapy I need to revisit the amount I budget for groceries each month, the cost of living increases are really starting to bite. I have about £30 left in my groceries categories, and two weekend shops left remaining.

It’s also not just about shopping, it’s about having time to do a batch cook as well. Normally I do my cooking on Sundays, but from May D&D is on Sundays… so I might need to do more chores on Saturday. 30th April is a Saturday, 1st May is a Sunday (and first D&D session), 2nd May is a Bank Holiday though… so I might be able to put that second weekend shop off into May…

**thinking intensifies**

2 thoughts on “17th April 2022

  1. I’ve really wanted to get into weekly meal preps or batch cooking but I can never get it done for more than two days in advance. Like most things, I think it might be easier if you are cooking for more than one person and can freeze large batches of meals.

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