6th April 2022

I’ve had a quiet few days as I was a bit under the weather, but I’m back now 🙂


The first week of the month is always purchase heavy – this month it was easter eggs, the food processor, and a D&D book that took up the bulk of the spending. I still need to sign up to the gym, I just haven’t quite hit the button yet.

I did look at trying to buy the D&D book from a local independent store, but they had it for £45 and Amazon had it for £28… if I didn’t need to buy it for set date I might have waited a month or two and saved up. Mind you, saying that, I’ve been wanting to get back into D&D since I moved to this city in 2019, so maybe I wouldnt have saved up 🤷‍♂️ I am very excited to actually start using my “RPG night” category again, which I was **this** close to retiring altogether.

The food processor was more expensive than I expected (I think the price went up since I last looked at it), and then I got insurance on top… I’d saved £40 but it ended up being £61.98 so I had to raid the Household and Stuff I Forgot To Budget For categories. Which I hate doing on only the 2nd of the month but ah well. This will hopefully help me stopping getting quite so exhausted when bulk cooking on weekends, hopefully.


I was listening to a podcast which was debating whether its better to prioritise saving cash or investing when it comes to trying to build up a house deposit. Ultimately the podcast said cash is better, as investments should only really be if you dont need the money within the next five years. I need another £10k minimum for a house deposit (and even that is probably on the low side). If I save £200pm I’m looking at about 4 years. If I save £200pm plus and extra £400 pa extra (like I’m hoping to do this year) it will only 3.5 years.


The overtime shifts starts today. I have to be there at 7:45am. I already have regrets lol

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