1st April 2022

The main thing for this month’s budget is the bonus and impending gym membership. Unfortunately taxes and pension took a greater chunk of it than I hoped. In regards to the gym membership, I’m probably going to risk an annual membership to save money. Luckily I found some extra spare cash in a now-redundant category – Name Update Documents. I’ve got my new passport so I can retire the category and take extra £41.05 and redistribute it elsewhere.

After filling out the gym category to £950 (2 years membership), correcting the issue with the House Deposit, and putting aside enough for a food processor, I have about £70 left. Unfortunately there is not enough money to do everything.

Mostly I intend to boost my yearly savings goals (whiskey decanter, rucksack) with £10 each, to buy a D&D book 5e £28 1 because I hope to join a new game on 1st May, and boost social category as one of the events I had in March got pushed back. I was hoping to buy some Tamora Pierce books for nostalgia’s sake and I wont have enough to start Coinbase this month, most likely that will happen in may after emptying out my leftover divorce fund. I could maybe take £10 back out of the sims category and £20 out of hobbies category but that wont take me all the way to Coinbase… buuuut maybe Tamora Pierce?? maaybe? later in the month, when I’ve time to figure out how this month is behaving.

I forgot to include this graph in my Current Situation Rundown yesterday – a graph of my banking Net Worth since January 2019, with the caveat that figures before October 2019 are approximate as I had not started YNAB yet.

Banking Net Worth March 2022

With all that in mind, I’m going to go buy some Vegan Easter Eggs from Hotel Chocolat and Fancy Tea – I got a voucher for my birthday :3 Someone joked on another forum that they thought I had been saving up for Easter Eggs all year – in reality it’s only been since January ish, but it wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

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