31st March 2022

It looks like the work enhanced overtime opportunity is continuing into April, so I told work I’ll do an extra day a week. I can maybe increase the number of days later, depending on how fatigue and expenses go. I was also offered the option of 4 long days, 3 days off, but as tempting ass that is, it wouldn’t work currently with after work appointments – maybe once I’ve decided to leave therapy? But an extra little bit in the pay packet wouldn’t hurt. I’ve had a few tight months in a row and I’m starting to worry it’s not actually just a few tight months – its the cost of living increases sneaking in under the radar.


There was a Spring statement about a week ago by the UK government, which has & Martin Lewis has released a tax calculator to show how the announcements and tax changes will affect people. I will be £30 per month better off. From July. Well, £30 is £30. That’s like…. two-thirds of a take out or something haha.


I was thinking on my next phone category earlier this week, I’ve been saving up for a new phone. I was intending to just save up for a big down payment, but my current phone hasn’t been showing it’s age much. I just noticed that if I can hang out about a year, I would have enough to just buy a handset outright. I do like the idea of getting out of the contract cycle with phones.


My crypto “investment” on PayPal is almost into profit territory. I spent £15 and it’s now worth £13.69. Earlier this week it was worth £14.26…. getting there! 😛 This reminds me I need to update my “current situation” page.

On 31st March 2022:

My Bank Accounts Net Worth Is £12,360.41

£3075 of that is my Emergency Fund

£2980.48 is in my “Next Month Income” category (March was bonus month)

£1466.21 is my House Deposit

£1000 is in my “Next Move” category

£750 is in my “Next Laptop” category

£620 is in my “Next Phone” category

£500 is in my “Canal Boat” category

And then the rest is in smaller categories

My Investing & Pension Net Worth is £12,625.56

£12,171.47 of that is in my work pension, to which I am currently (that is, from my March Paycheque) contributing 8% and my employer is contributing 12.5%

£338.39 is in my bank’s Investment service, I put £25 a month in there and some fund managers do hopefully smart things with it. It’s telling me that over time my investment through them has gone up in value by £3.61

£81.93 is in my Freetrade Account, where I like to pretend I know how to day trade. I dont contribute to this on a regular schedule, but so far I’ve put £71 in it so technically I’m making a profit.

£13.69 is in my Paypal Crypto account, where I like to pretend I know how Bitcoin works. I dont contribute to this on a regular schedule, but so far I’ve put £15 in so I am making a loss at this point.

£20.08 is in a Crowdcube account. This doesn’t seem to change in value so I think it was more of a GoFundMe rather than an Investment.


At the risk of being a complete and utter nerd 🤓🤓 I do enjoy the monthly rollover and love the budgeting admin of the first and last days of the month. I shall see you tomorrow with my plans for how to spend next month!

One thought on “31st March 2022

  1. Glad you are continuing to take care of yourself (RE: therapy) and I LOVE the nerding out that accompanies my end-of-month budget reconciliation and my beginning-of-the-month bill paying.

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