25th March 2022

Right after my last post, as in an hour later at most, I received an email about the dog’s insurance premiums increasing – by about £3 pm, so could be worse, given the inflationary environment we’re in. (I’m told that phrase makes you sound smart 👀) Also bus prices going up in my city. Story of everything right now – 20p here, £3 there…

I was going to review my mobile phone contract in April, I was paying £18pm for 2GB data. I know, I know, but I like 02. Anyway I saw a 12 month £15pm 5GB plan, I was just holding off because 02 (and probably most other networks) apply inflation price rises in April and I wanted to see what I was signing up for.

Anyway I stopped by the 02 store yesterday and asked if the new prices had been announced yet – they had – £16 and change – so on the way home I tried to upgrade in the app. I was having trouble though so I ended up calling them and doing it over the phone. In doing so they pointed out that if I went for a 2 year sim deal it would only cost £10pm. (It was meant to be £12pm but she misspoke and then said she’d honour her mistake)

My device is entirely paid off but it’s still doing what I need it to. Theres no real reason, other than convenience, for sim contracts and phone contracts to align, so if need be I can redo my phone later. So now I have a phone bill that is £8 cheaper pm and 3GB richer. Nice. I forgot to ask if the April ’22 price rise applies but I assume the April ’23 price rise will. Itll be in the T&C that they’re allowed to account for inflation.


Someone on another forum reminded me that I might need to pay tax on Crypto profits, if/when I do sign up to Coinbase, which is a valid reminder. So I looked up how Crypto tax works in the UK. The UK Gov page is hard to understand, but this page breaks it down a bit easier – but in summary, I don’t think I have to worry until I reach £12k gbp of profit. What I am seeing though is that I need to take records – I feel a new spreadsheet coming on. You know how I like my spreadsheets 🤓


Once I have my Decree Absolute in early/mid May, I can break into the leftover money I have in my Divorce fund. There’s £400 approx – at one point I did think about having a party haha but at this point I’ll probably just have a quiet night in w my new partner. I’ll use £100 to celebrate, buy myself a lil something, probably some expensive whiskey and takeout. Maybe this is where I get £100 for crypto? Then £200 would be left for yearly goals.


I was doing an Aldi shop, and trying to penny pinch a bit today too. It wasn’t until I got to the checkout that I realised how bland and beige everything I’d picked out was. Ah well. Not all weeks can be vibrant and colourful. Not ideal in terms of nutritional content but some weeks be like that. I batch cook on Sundays, so I make two big dishes to last the whole week, one for lunches and one for dinners. This next week will be a rice, cheese, and potato bake for dinners, served with baked beans… and a curry with rice for lunches.

Still, I was quite pleased as I had about £20 left in my grocery category and thought I could pick something up later in the week…. aaaand then I remembered I had to chip in on my Mum’s birthday & mothers day present. My mums birthday is fairly early in April so sometimes it sneaks into my March budget :/

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