22nd March 2022

Birthday spending has been intense this past week, but things are starting to wind down now, hopefully. I still have two spending events left – but one has been delayed, potentially into April, depending on how rescheduling goes. Given that April is next weekend. So far this month I’ve spent £82.75 on Takeout and £63.03 on Social (with one, possible two, social events remaining)!! My goals for those categories are usually £25 and £50, respectively.

In a related note, I’m trying to have a freezer food week, where I clear out all the random singular portions of food I have left over from batch cooking instead of buying a full weeks shop. The math works out, there seems to be enough tupperware in there. For next weekend, I have £39 left in my grocery category, so I better pick something cheap to cook. (I’m actually planning to make Rice, Cheese and Potatoes, a cheap family recipe with 3 main ingredients, and seasoning/spices to taste)


I originally left this next bit as a comment on someone else’s blog, when when I went to dig up the link, it seems like WordPress has eaten it. So I’m just going to reword it a bit to make sense without context and then plagiarise myself here. But I’m being honest about my plagiarism!

Sometimes I see people going on vacations, or even just living alone, and I get very bitter that I cant afford that, even though deep down I know that a lot of their spending is funded by debt and I’m debt free… it’s a trade off that, most days, I’m happy to make. Most days.

I’m in a weird position where I have more in the bank account than most people my age but I also feel able to do less.

This is compounded by the fact that when I try to access help for physical and mental health conditions, most of them are means-tested, so they look at me – no kids, living in a shared house, working full time, has savings – and decide I have enough funds to pay for help myself. Are we saying that Depressed and Disabled people aren’t allowed to save for a house? Because that really doesn’t help with the Depression.


Today I got my decree nisi – the first stage of the decree ending my marriage. I am not divorced yet, I will only be divorced when the second stage is complete and I have my decree absolute.

I need to wait 6 weeks after my decree nisi is granted before I can apply for my decree absolute. Technically, the court can cancel/rescind the decree nisi at any time up until the decree absolute, if it’s presented with new evidence showing why I shouldn’t be given a divorce – but I’m not really sure what that even means in my case so I think that’s a pretty slim chance of happening.


I’m really tempted to sign up for Coinbase and try start trading crypto properly. Maybe if I can scrape together £100 in my April budget I might give it a try. Am I getting swayed by the hype though? I know I’m vulnerable to that kind of thing, I get swayed very easily, I’m pretty gullible unfortunately. (But I’m also self aware about it so that helps somewhat)

If I only put in money that’s budgeted for trading, if I’m not risking rent money, then that’s ok surely? I’m allowed to choose crypto instead of a new sims expansion pack. I’m allowed to waste my Fun Money on whatever I want.

I might need to set rule for myself though – firstly, that if I’m going through Coinbase, I’m looking for coins that aren’t accessible through Paypal. For those who don’t know, Paypal only offers 4 cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. If I went onto something like Coinbase I would looking at more alternative coins, whose values fluctuate more wildly. These are inherently more risky coins, but if I want Bitcoin, I already have a way of accessing Bitcoin. Also I think as soon as (or maybe that should say “if”) I made my original £100 back, I withdraw it pretty quick. Maybe I use it on something else, maybe I donate it to charity, but I think getting that original £100 out pretty quickly will be important. I would need to spread it over as many currencies as possible, to maximise the chance of returns & minimise the chance of losses, at least until I learnt what I’m doing. I dont know if Coinbase has minimum trading rules, as in I need to buy at least £x of each coin.

Concerns – well firstly that I lose my original £100, this is probably pretty likely tbh. I need to make my peace with that before I open a Coinbase account. But how much money have I “lost” on lottery tickets over the years? Did I have fun spending it, envisioning my winnings? Did I seriously think I would win millions? Did I secretly hope for just a couple of K to smooth things over? These are valid questions. My main other concern would be something similar to a gambling addiction… Sometimes I think I may be slightly prone to that. It’s not got me into trouble yet as I manage access to things like that and refuse to go into Casinos as a general rule (not that it comes up much) so I worry that Crypto trading may be too much.


On the note of lotteries and birthdays, the other day I was checking my emails, because some companies send you birthday vouchers for discount products, and I noticed I had an email from the national lottery saying “you’ve won a prize! check your account”. So of course I was like “omg is this it, and on my birthday no less?!”

It was a fun 90 seconds. I won £2.50 so I just bought another ticket with it.

But maybe this one…! 😛

2 thoughts on “22nd March 2022

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your divorce…I can’t tell if that is something you just slipped in there or something you’ve mentioned before… In any instance, that is a lot and I hope you are also taking time to take care of yourself in that respect as well.

    Your “spendy” month is pretty great because your budgets are so tight. March has turned out to be a spendy month for me for no good reason but I think the restrictiveness of February contributed to this. How do you keep your budget so small each month without feeling utterly deprived? Real question. I am struggling, especially as I make a bit more and see people who make considerably less than I do make much different choices (you also mentioned this).


    1. Don’t worry, on this occasion the divorce is very much “congratulations” not “condolences” 😉 I would have mentioned it at some point in the Archives, there tends be long periods of inactivity/silence where I’m just waiting for the next thing to happen.

      Sometimes I do feel deprived to be honest. Coping is a mix of techniques…

      Firstly, it’s ok to have a whinge sometimes.

      Secondly, its important to find the joy in small things too. Like my fancy tea. It’s something that a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been able to afford, but it’s often less than £30 pm, but also feels luxurious at the same time. Red velvet lattes, mmm. Also take the time to look at other little things you’ve improved, I cook with a lot more fresh veg and less frozen veg than I used to.

      Thirdly, if all else fails, its always worth looking back and seeing how far you’ve come. A few years back I was talking about whether to increase my fun money to £25, now next month’s dilemma is that I might have to choose between a Sims expansion pack and Cryptocurrency. Remind myself how much my Net Worth has grown, how I have an Emergency fund now.

      But some days it’s mostly the first thing. It’s ok to have a whinge sometimes.


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