18th March 2022

Shorter post today, as I’m very tired haha


So my work bonus came in – I got £2980.48 total, approx £1400 ish more than my normal salary. The amount I had planned was between £1770 and £2270 so I need to prioritise.

The main variable is the gym membership. If I put aside 2 years of full gym membership, that’s £950. 2 years of swim only membership is £650. Putting money into a gym category also has the advantage of it being a very WAM-able category if cost of living gets dire, but it does only leave £450 for spending, and £350 of that will be fixing my budget snafu with the house deposit.

With the remaining £100 I’ll probably get a food processor so I at least have something tangible for myself, and then just sprinkle the remaining over some yearly goals.

It’s a little depressing that I get so little of it to spend on treats for myself, but I’ll also have 2 years of gym membership sat in an envelope, and that’s not nothing.


I sent documents off to get my passport updated a while back. I checked the tracking information Thursday morning and it said they’d received and signed for my documents on 2nd March. Then later Thursday afternoon I got an email from them saying they hadn’t received my documents yet 😬😬 So I called them and they just said to check tracking again on Monday…. and then on Friday morning I got an email saying they’d officially received my documents, which I’m sure is 100% coincidental. 🙄🙄

2 thoughts on “18th March 2022

  1. “It’s a little depressing that I get so little of it to spend on treats for myself…” Yea…I’ve been there. And not even at the point you are at which is entirely debt free. Did you allow for any life upgrades after you got out of debt? And/or do you have a point at which you are planning for life upgrades and this just isn’t “life” it’s just “life for now”?


    1. At some point, but I dont have an exact date. I think I need to work on extra streams of income, as that’s the main limiting factor on my quality of life right now. I do have plenty of opportunities to treat myself, maybe I just need a mindset shift to be more appreciative…


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