15th March 2022

Now that the finance blog is up and running, my brain keeps suggesting I do a sims blog as well. It was easier to ignore before, with the deadline to transfer my posts before the old forum closed down, but all the posts are transferred now. I’m not saying I’d keep it up, or even finish building the site, but I think I might need to do it to get the idea out of my head lol. I could have a page, with all the “Current State of” houses, and then the individual posts would be one week in sim time (or one rotation, as I switch households every week), and I could do categories by family so you could read one family at a time if you wanted. So anyway if you like SimLit (Sims 4 in particular) you can follow me at littlesimsstories, which was just whichever URL they had free that day.


I have got SO MANY social events set up for me this week. Seriously, who did I think I was when I made this many plans? So I’m just getting it over with and WAMing ahead of time (From the YNAB website: Whack-a-Mole/WAM: You know that carnival game where you use the foam mallet to bop mechanical moles on the head as they pop up randomly from their holes? Yeah, we do that with our budget. Budget whack-a-mole, or WAM, is when you have to borrow money from one budget category to cover expenses in another.) So at this moment in time my “Social Spends” category has over £70 in, which is kind of insane considering I’ve spent from that category multiple times already this month.


I talked to my therapist about the fact that I always feel guilty about not giving enough to Charity etc (I’m using quite a loose definition of “charity” here, also including things like GoFundMe, Patreon) and he suggested setting a % of my budget aside for charity each month. I have seen other people on the forums discussing/doing this, but its very often framed in a religious context, and me and religion have Bad Blood, so I never really though about it for myself. But, it might be helpful. So I’m going to try work that into my budget from 1st May. I am going to try make donations in April too, because I’ll have that work bonus, but from May I’ll be using standard work pay. I’m going to start at £10 pm, which I know is not a %, but ssh, we start small and increase over time. Besides, 1% of my mean take-home salary so far in 2022 is £14.50, so £10 is like… 0.66 % approx? Thats still a % !

Part of the reason I’m waiting until May is the rising cost of living UK (and everywhere else, but for me the UK part is most relevant). In April some of our taxes are increasing, plus we get a slight raise at work, plus I increased my pension contribution, so by May hopefully I’ll get an idea of what my new take-home pay looks like. So far I’ve been relatively shielded from the cost of living rises but its starting to creep in around the edges.

The main thing “protecting” me this far is that I live in a shared house and my rent is all inclusive of bills. I know logically that the household bills must be increasing – because everyone’s are – but so far my rent has not. And from taking a brief look at rental websites, I can see that I am now paying below market value for a room. So I’m just sort of waiting for the lead tenant to raise my rent, he would be fully justified in doing so. Of course, if he did do that, then I would less willing to put up with him smoking weed in the house and would look more seriously at other rooms. He agreed not to smoke in the common areas but I think regular users become nose-blind to it and don’t realise how much it leeches out throughout the house. I have no moral objection to weed, in fact in general I do fall on the “legalise it” side of the debate…. but I absolutely cannot stand the stench. Yikes. But its cheap here, and finding pet friendly accommodation is HARD.

2 thoughts on “15th March 2022

  1. “Seriously, who did I think I was when I made this many plans?” – Said every introvert ever. So much of this post resonates. I will have to start from the beginning and get caught up on your story.

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