11th March 2022

Very Exciting – this is the first post where I don’t have to put the disclaimer at the top, I just can jsut get stuck into the post!


I was having an overtime at work dilemma – work is currently offering enhanced overtime if I go in early and answer the phones. Its tempting, who couldn’t use a little extra cash? But I also have 3 or 4 conditions that could arguably cause chronic fatigue and I’m worried about the impact. I just about decided to ask if I could start at one day a week and go from there… only to find out the enhanced overtime stops next week. Overtime is still available, but just at the standard rate I get in my normal hours. I’ll pass, for now.

Part of why I was considering it was because of my decreasing act balance – my act balance has been creeping downwards the last few months. All my spending has been budgeted for, so it’s not necessarily a problem, but it’s a stark contrast to the previous year. I’m not entirely sure what’s happened as I’m not saving any less than usual. There was Christmas, I suppose, then the divorce fees, then the little mistake with the house deposit funding. Still. My main account balance is now under 4k today, where last year it was hovering around 5k.

I think I need to split up dog toys & treats from dog food. It’s worked fine until now, but with going for the bulk orders of food, I need to have £x by a certain date, and trying to buy treats and toys as well from the same category just confuses the targets. I’ve decided to go with £15pm for food (it’ll build up to £45 to bulk buy food, I bought some earlier this week and it was £40 but inflation may kick in by next time) and £10 pm for Treats & Toys.


When I was transferring blog posts over to WordPress I read my previous comments on the USA insurrection, and I keep wondering if I should talk about Ukraine on here too. But why? For posterity? There are so many people offering their takes on the matter, and I am certainly on the less informed end of the spectrum. I’m having less emotional fallout than compared to the USA insurrection. Maybe I’m just in a better place overall emotionally. Maybe its because I dont know anyone in Ukraine, but I have friends in America. Maybe I’m just desensitized after the last few years. I’ve hit capacity. It’s not that I dont care, obviously I care, but it’s not consuming my thoughts the way the insurrection did.


I’ve got an insanely busy social week coming up – who did I think I was when I made these plans? I do not have energy for all this! Or money tbh 😬😬 We’ll work it out as we go

2 thoughts on “11th March 2022

  1. How long is the work opportunity available? Both Avery (over at MillennialMayday) and I recently dealt with this and decided to go for it because it would be of relatively short duration and we both had concrete goals…

    I think you need to have concrete goals to keep you motivated on days you are tired and regretting your decision. Are you looking to earn/save a certain amount?

    Also, you need to give yourself and out…like, doing this for a couple of months means there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That calculation changes if there is suddenly an expectation that this is just your normal work schedule…

    As for the Ukraine and America…I think it’s easier to talk (have a take) about the actions of a few citizens as opposed to that of an ongoing illicit war. My $0.02.


    1. Currently the opportunity is just until the end of March, so I kind of feel like its too late. If the enhanced overtime gets extended into April I may reevaluate, but the other week they were talking about just making it standard overtime (ie same as salary, just more hours) which probably isnt worth it to my mind.

      I dont have a specific goal in mind, but that would probably be a good idea to set before I start haha


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