16th & 18th September 2021

These posts were originally posted on the YNAB forums and MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order, and because the YNAB forums are closing as of March 2022. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

16th September 2021


You know, it’s the darndest thing. In previous months I putting £50 in my take out category and still WAMing for more. This last month I set a goal/cap and put £25 in there… and I still had some left the night before payday!  🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

The only category I havent been able to contribute into is rebuilding my E-Fund, but I’ve got three potential ways of refilling it (Pet Insurance Refund, Bank Account Switcher Cash Back, Excess Next Month Income when I get a month ahead) they just will take a few months to actualize. 

I havent put anything into wish farm items this months, but I’ve boosted a couple of regular categories beyond their usual goals. Things like; there’s a work night out, so I put an extra £20 in my social category. I’ve noticed that the dog’s grooms dont exactly line up with my pay cycle over the next few months, so I’ve deliberately overfilled that category to smooth that out. 

I suppose I did purchase a tea advent calendar, an advent calendar with tea bags each day. I’m not sure if that counts as a wish farm as I hope to repeat it next year. Is that a true expense then? Nah, I cant call a tea advent calendar a “true” expense… a sinking fund? Something.

I am looking forward to, Friday or Saturday, the autumnal chai and pumpkin spice blends of teas hit the shop so I’m going to go fill my boots. 

18th September 2021

Grumble Grumble – trying to figure out how to get the dogs new healthier food regularly and I’ve had to set up a subscription/delivery, but the subscription is slightly more expensive than the £10 I usually budget for that category, its £10.70 

I’ve raised the category goal to £13 to account for buying any treats or what nots but still

(Grumble Grumble ungrateful dog doesn’t appreciate what I do for him)

Later the same day

I think I accidentally ordered the wrong dog food for Sherlock

Instead of SMALL BREED adult lamb and rice I ordered REGULAR/GENERIC adult lamb and rice

Tut Tut

He’ll have to cope for a month then I’ll switch the subscription next month

Which annoyingly might be even more, maybe £20 whole quid a month…

I’m not sure how much of the small dog vs generic dog food is marketing anyway 

It looks fairly easy to fix, just the first bag arrives so too late for that 

In response to someone saying it sounded like it sounded like an expensive month and suggesting buying generic fitbit bands off Amazon

It certainly has been! But the good news is I had an Emergency fund and been saving up for my exams in advance  🙂   not a fun time but at least its budgeted for 

I think I’m going to replace this Fitbit as it’s free under warranty but when it comes time to buy I need to strongly think about whether its worth it

I do buy cheaper straps off Amazon, unfortunately it’s the actual device unit giving me issues 

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