4th December 2019

These posts were originally posted on the MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

So I closed the everyday account I wasn’t using, my “Christmas savings” account and my “pride savings” accounts

I am still saving/spending for those goals, I’m just tracking the money through YNAB rather than have all the different accounts

I also put a closing block on my red credit card, which means I cant physically spend from it now, and it’ll close automatically after my next DD pays it off  🙂

The morning after I did all that, I noticed a fraud transaction on my remaining Santander current account card

I called up and got that blocked and reissued, but until it arrives I have some enforced no-spend days which gives time for my transactions to clear I guess

If I was desperate for something, I still have my Barclay’s card, and my account isn’t blocked at all (just the card) so I can transfer money to Barclays if I need to

Also, it turned out my friend ALSO double booked the Manchester visit so I feel less guilty and we rearranged for January, which is financially better for me

I’m going to be needing to dip into my Emergency fund the week after next. I’ve got to go to my Nan’s funeral. It wont be much, maybe £50 total for travel. It was kind of by surprise, but also a long time coming. She’s been in care homes on end of life packages for years, and this summer we were told to say goodbye, but she rallied. Until suddenly she didnt.

But onto happier stuff. I have a crochet dilemma. I’ve working on this Pride blanket for over a year but I’m still agonising over the temperature blanket: yea or nay thing

I really really want to do a temp blanket in 2020, which I think I told you already? You assign a colour to a temperature, then each day do a row in the temperature for that day. Do that for a year and you end up with an asymmetrical gradient that’s so pretty

But it would cause more significant delays to my Pride blanket

And the clock on the decision is ticking

I need to decide which blanket I’d enjoy more and I have about two weeks to commit to a decision, allowing for posting time of the wool

It’s the temp blanket, plus another baby blanket for another colleague, which is on a deadline, plus a full time job, plus the pride blanket… which I’ve been working on since November 2018 and I’m hesitant to delay again

But what would annoy me more? Another delay to an already long overdue project? Or my first temp blanket being in an odd year?

If I dont start the temp blanket in January, I won’t do it until 2021, which is an icky year

If I do start the temp blanket in January, I wont be able to do much of the Pride blanket until after the baby blanket is done.

In response to a commenter mentioning that a desktop PC would be better than a laptop for gaming

I absolutely get that and agree, but I’m renting a room in a house and dont have a desk anymore

I do miss the days of my old gaming PC though

But it’s hard to beat the portability of laptops! Curling up on the sofa w dog, watching tv as I iron….

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