1st January 2020

These posts were originally posted on the MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

My 2020 Budget

Remember I get paid on the 19th of the month so this is partway through my pay-month, most of my bills have been paid at this point in the month and I’m just ticking over until my next paycheck

Weekly Spends
Groceries – Goal: £150 per month – Current: £46.89 – This is less than I’d like at this stage of the month, bit anxious about having this last until the 19th. I was borrowing money from this category through December for Christmas things.
Household – Goal: £25 per month – Current: £16
Social Spends – Goal: £80 per month – Current: £19.76 – Same explanation as Groceries
Clothes – Goal: £15 – Current: £0
“Human Groom” – Goal: £15 – Current £0 – I had my hair cut right before Christmas
Takeout – Goal: £0 – Current: £0 – Currently I don’t put money in here every month, I move money from other categories when I get takeout. I’d love to put money in here reguarly when I can. Maybe when I’m debt free later this year(!)
Online shopping – Goal: £0 – Current: £0 – Same explanation as takeout
Birthday of the month – Goal:£25 – Current: £0
Stuff I forgot to budget for – Goal: £25 – Current £0
Work Misc – Goal £5 – Current £5

Credit Card Payments
Black Card – Goal: £100 per month

Immediate Obligations
Tram card – Goal: £55 – Current: £55 – I buy this tomorrow
Rent (1st) – Goal: £395 – Current: £395 – This normally goes out on the first, so it’ll leave my bank tomorrow
Onedrive (20th)– This doesn’t consistently go out of my account so I’ve made a category just in case but I’m not budgeting for it right now. It’s only £1.99 when it did go out, but I think my plan expired. Confused.
Amazon Prime (25th) – Goal: £7.99 – Current – £0
02 (28th) – Goal: £47.47 – Current: £0 – When (when) I get spare money I’m going to save up to buy my next phone outright and not pay this much
HP Instant Ink (31st) – Goal: £1.99 – Current: £0

Food and Treats – Goal: £10 – Current: £5
Dog Groom – Goal: £25 – Current: £20
Vet Flea & Worm Plan (14th) – Goal: £14 – Current: £14
Insurance – Goal: £30.13 – Current £0

Savings Pots
Holding Category – Goal: N/A – Current: £50 – This is just some money I need to keep seperate and not spend for a few weeks. This is is half of the money for my Brexit shop, the other half will be in my next paycheck, I just don’t want to accidentally spend it without realising. If I intentionally dip into it, thats the way it goes, I just don’t want to accidentally spend it so I’m keeping it seperate. I’ll delete this category afterwards.
Pride Savings – Goal: £10 per month – Current: £50
YNAB – Goal: £90 by 1st November – Current: £8.19
Christmas Gifts Family – Goal: £10 per month – Current: £10
Christmas Gifts Friends – Goal: £5 per month – Current: £5
Christmas Misc – Goal: £5 per month – Current: £5 – Then hopefully next year I won’t be quite so short in January! Fingers crossed…
Subscription – Goal: £50 by Jan ’21 – Current: £3.85
Dad’s Birthday – Goal: £25 per month – Current: £100 – I was also hoping to have £150 by 1st Feb but I don’t think that’s happening now. It’s not the end of world, I only promised to have £100 by Feb
New Laptop – Goal: N/A – Current: £0 – No goal currently, but will start contributing to this on a regular basis in March or April
FA Diploma – Goal: £25 per month – Current: £25 – I want this goal to be higher when I can
Divorce – Goal: £55 per month – Current: £174.51 – There’s a secondary goal of £1000 by Feb ’21 but right now I cant contribute enough to guarentee that will happen
H2B ISA (20th) – Goal: £25 per month – Current: £499.81
Emergency Savings – Goal: £25 per month – Current: £1063.61 – This is a much lower goal than I’d like, once I get debt free I’ll contribute more

Average Salary – £1,279.94 (not including things like keyholder pay)
Total Debits – £1,277.75
Difference – £2.19


Today my one remaining credit card balance is £878.56
The various savings pots I have across my current account, H2B ISA, and seperate Emergency Savings, add up to £1944.97 according to my spreadsheet, a difference of a little over a grand!

This would have been incomprehensible to me a year ago

I’m not sure I comprehend it now

How the F—- did I manage this?? 😲😲

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