12th November 2019

These posts were originally posted on the MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

I’m playing around with figures for next year lately, mostly because I have essentially no money until I get paid on Monday. There is literally £0 in my groceries budget right now, next time I buy food I have to pick what category I’m taking it from. Last time I went shopping I took it from the YNAB category, as I’d budgeted £90 for the subscription to protect me from currency mishaps and it only cost me £65.80. That being said, I still have over £270 in my account, and it’s a nice sensation to see that much in there this close to payday.

Luckily I get paid on Monday so I’m not concerned. I’m actually kinda happy with how little I’m spending on food this week – scarcity is a great motivator. That being said, I am craving fresh fruit right now, which is rarely a good sign. :think: :think: Frozen fruit and veg doesn’t always cut it.

On paper, next year is looking kind of disappointing. I thought it would look better. It might because I haven’t budgeted in any Christmas gift money yet (because I don’t know if I’m getting any/how much). I thought there would be more wriggle room, but the work training and the family gift for Dad’s birthday is wiping out any money freed up by the debt snowball.

I’m leaning towards reducing how much I’m building my Emergency Fund by to almost zero (my brain wont let me do actually zero, yet) and focusing more on the debt to get it paid off quicker. Only putting £25pm into the E.F. and putting £100pm onto the CC. If I did that I could hypothetically get it paid off by September…

I’ll probably have to reduce how much I put towards the Divorce each month by about £10, but £1000 by February 2021 was completely arbitrary anyway. Once I’ve paid off the CC I’ll figure out if it’s still doable or if I wait a little longer.

I mentioned to my colleagues that I’m thinking of closing my accounts and they looked at me like I’m growing an extra head. One of the accounts I’m closing has a 2.5% interest rate on it (you can only put £200pm in there, and it resets after a year, or I’d keep my Emergency fund in there). I was only putting £15pm into there for Christmas anyway. My current account gets 1.5% interest and I’m valuing simplicity over the few pennies of interest I’d be getting from that account. Maybe once I can utilise it properly…
I currently have 3 current accounts, 4 savings accounts and 2 credit cards
Hopefully in January I’ll have 2 current accounts, 2 savings accounts, and 1 credit card

That’ll be my Santander account, where my salary gets paid into, my Barclays account, which I’m only keeping open because I cling to the idea that’s it’s a good idea to have at least one account at a different bank, I currently use it as my social spends account, my Emergency savings fund, my H2B ISA, which I’m obviously not closing anytime soon… and the remaining CC. Maybe in 2021 I’ll move my Emergency Savings into my Barclays and use it for that?

I’ve decided that when I get paid I’m going to make bbq beef wraps. They’re so tasty. I made very nice caramelised onions for some hotdogs last night: I added the last dregs of a bottle of Jack Daniels to the onions. Yum. Between now and payday I’m unfortunately left to smartprice gruel to get by… ok, “gruel” might be overstating it but it’s definitely a little thin on the ground. Lots of smartprice. I was even good and didn’t upgrade my free coffee with coconut milk or syrup! As I said, I do literally have a box of food in the basement, so I won’t starve, but this is definitely a learning experience about what happens when we panic buy for the apocalypse.

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