18th September 2019

These posts were originally posted on the MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

So, payday. Ironically I actually had a little less in my account at the end of this pay-month than I did last pay-month, but only by about £20. Also, I knew what purpose the money had and where it came from rather than just being spare money without a home and of uncertain origin.

I feel good about the way I divided up the money (I did it over breakfast). It was really quick and easy, more so than I expected, just clicking down the list going fund fund fund. Most of my categories have goals so I could put the correct amount of money in with two clicks. The exception to that, for this month only, being my savings goals – simply because when I set up YNAB I had to put my starting balance in so it thinks i already funded my savings goals this month. That wont happen next month.

In good(?) news, I put the first amount of money aside to save towards my divorce. It’s good that its finally occurring to me to save for it. It’ll be good when it’s all over.

I changed the DD for my red card twice this month, so I’m not sure which amount will apply next time the money goes out. I’m not sure if the second change was done in time to apply this month. So I’ve over funded that category to the higher amount for one month and if the lower amount goes out I can reallocate the money.

I’m trying to be less anxious about the credit cards. They’re handled and on track. I’ll pay off two by the new year. The other… is a long game no matter how I cut it so as long as I’m putting a good chunk to it each month (after I pay off the other two) and it stays on the 0% rate I’m trying not to worry.

I forgot to say – I even managed to budget £25 in the “stuff I forgot to budget for” category!

I’m debating what to do with any “spare” cash YNAB finds for me. Right now I’m inclined towards putting it in my Laptop Fund. The other option would be to pay it onto my black card. It’s sort of a moot point as when I buy the Laptop on my black card I will immediately empty the Laptop Fund onto my black card, rather than paying lots of little extra CC payments I’m just paying one larger CC payment in a few months time, but I think mentally it’ll be better for me to make one large hit rather than trying to chip away at the balance. The end result will be the same, it’s the mental stuff I’m thinking of. It’ll also make it good practice with moving and saving money on YNAB.

I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow evening. I’m down to my last batched meal, which I’m saving for work tomorrow. I cant go shopping tonight because I’m meeting some friends, I have enough in the cupboards to scrape together a meal for tonight – either nuggets and beans, or pasta and jar sauce. We’ll see. I just dont know what to cook.

Just got home and my work shoes fell apart in my hands as I took them off *rolls eyes* stuff I forgot to budget for?!

A commenter suggested a clothing category

I think I’ll have to, but that’s just not how I’ve been working it up until now… but I did quietly say to myself, anytime I found something I forgot to budget for, I just add a category. How much should clothes be? £15pm? I honestly do not buy many clothes. Like every third month I’ll replace one thing.

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