18th August 2019

These posts were originally posted on the MoneySavingForums (a UK money management site), I am moving my journals across to WordPress to have them in chronological order. I’m not sure how much of other people’s words I’m allowed to copy across from one site to another, so in some sections I may summarise conversations.

So I realise the out of overdraft post came round rather quickly – I should have started this diary six months ago, when I first moved here, but I didn’t know they existed. I’ll have some easy wins before December paying off those two smaller cards, but then after that it’ll be a longer slog to pay off the next one. Especially if/when I get my laptop

I was actually talking to mum about it and she mentioned buying me a laptop for Christmas, but I’m concerned she doesn’t understand the kind of laptop I want – I’ll warn my brother (the designated computer guy of the family) that she may ask questions. If she can afford a gaming laptop I’ll gladly accept it but I don’t want her spending money on a laptop that isn’t suitable. Also, both my parents are currently unemployed, so I don’t really want them spending that much money at all if they can avoid it – but hopefully one or both will find work by Christmas

I dream of the day I can afford my own home. I can’t afford to rent my own place and pay off debt. I can’t even afford to rent my own place and save up to buy. To be honest, I’m not sure I could afford to rent my own place. Especially as I have a dog, Landlords are so picky. So I’m restricted to house share situations for the time being.

So right now my living situation is dependent on keeping another human being happy. And I’m prone to anxiety and depression and catastrophising due to my history of mental illness. I wont feel secure until I own my own property and know I cant be kicked out.

I currently have less than £400 in my H2B ISA… it’s going to be a long wait. I’m not really sure how much I need to be honest, but I reckon any figure I look up now will change by the time I save it up. When I have 5k I’ll check it out more. I don’t think 5k will be enough but will all the incoming upheaval in the country who knows

I’m also trying to do that % trick I read about. For Emergency Savings I set a goal of £3000 (my original goal was £2000, but I read that 3 months salary is a good goal, which is closer to £4000, so I split the difference for now). 1% of £3000 is £30, so at this point I’m 25% of the way to my savings goal. For debt I used the figure of debt I had on 12/08/18 which was £1650 so 1% is £16.50… which means for debt I’m 9% of the way to paying off the debt. But I’ve been saving since last October and only counting the debt since last week.

So Friday was not a NSD… I took the dog’s to the groomers, £15, then the food, £3.99, then because I saw the portion size I snuck into the shops on the way home and bought some biscuits £1.36. I have £10 left to last Saturday and Sunday.

I treated myself to that Too Good To Go app. It was cheap – I checked out the prices at the place I collected food from and I probably did get £11 worth of food for £4. Still, the flip side of that is there wasn’t a full meal’s worth of food. I’d probably have to get two portions next time, £8. Also I didn’t get to pick what I got. Still, I’d go there if I had the money to pay for regular prices (probably the restaurant’s plan all along).

I realised after my last post that my new budget hadn’t accounted for new pension contributions… not a problem this month as the new pension hasn’t gone out yet but made slight adjustments for next months. It’s only £25 extra a month, I took that mostly from my over packed social fund (down from £120 to £100 which I still think is over generous for me but time will tell) and slightly from a fund that is for Dog Groom OR Haircut OR nice whiskey (in that order of priority) (down from £40 to £35 but the new dog groomers is cheaper and I plan to start using barbershop rather than hair salons and I’m trying not to have alcohol in the house)

I’m determined to stick to the £60pw budget for groceries and miscellaneous. It really shouldn’t be too difficult, I’m only shaving off £5-£10. I’m a bit nervous about this new budget to be honest – although I can see the money is still in my accounts in various places, I usually have some of it spare and without a task/job. It feels weird to see it all accounted for and it makes me nervous that I won’t have any wriggle room.

Good News: When I came into work today my manager said resourcing had changed and now I no longer have to reinterview for my job in a year: they’ve just shifted me onto a permanent contract!

Alicia, glad I could inspire you! I wish I’d started this diary months ago so there’d be more dramatic progress.

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